Table Reservation System for Restaurants
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New Generation Reservation Software

SIMPRA Reservation is a new generation reservation software specially designed for restaurants and cafes. Thanks to SIMPRA Reservation, you can accept table reservations for every hour of the day and easily manage your reservations.

Web and Android Interface

Check your reservations from your Android tablet or via web browsers.

Multiple Branch Management

SIMPRA Reservation is designed to support chain structures. Follow the branches more closely by adding them to your favorites.

Provision Feature

Strengthen the reservation flow by reducing the no-show rate with the SIMPRA Reservation reservation feature.

Informing Your Customers

List your customers who are waiting for their reservation on SIMPRA Reservation, and inform your customers who are in queue via SMS or email.

Get to Know Your Customers Better

Define a lot of information to SIMPRA Reservation, such as the last visit of the customer, how much he/she spent, which desk he/she prefers to sit at.
You can view information about your customers from your reservation history and get to know them better!

SimpraPOS Integration

Thanks to the SimpraPOS integration, you can view all the check details of the reservations in the POS system.

Customer happiness

SIMPRA Reservation allows you to increase the service quality and customer satisfaction by recording the special requests of customers regarding their reservations.

Customer Segmentation

There are different reservation entry options for anonymous or VIP customer profiles. Also, you can blacklist customers if you don’t want to receive a reservation.

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