Bar & Nightclub ePOS System
Meet SimpraPOS

Simpra ePOS provides fast order and addition management in establishments (bar, pub, nightclub, etc.) with either pre-paid sales or table service modules!


Seamless ePOS,
Uninterrupted Sales

The cloud infrastructure of SimpraPOS prevents you from having problems with orders and checks even during the busiest hours of the bar. Thanks to its offline working feature, it provides uninterrupted service and always works perfectly!

Don’t Have To Look For
Stock At Night

You don’t need to check stock after long working hours with Simpra Inventory. Thanks to our inventory and cost management module, sales made in the ePOS system are instantly deducted from the stock, you will not have any problems!

Improved ePOS System to Take Unlimited Orders

Simpra always keeps customer satisfaction and productivity at the highest level with its high performance in places such as bars and nightclubs where customer circulation is high.


Bar’s Regular Audience

Prepare loyalty programs that will make customers visit your bar more often and become the most popular place in the neighborhood. It is very easy to prepare loyalty programs and acquire regulars with Simpra Loyalty.

Access to Sales Reports Anytime

Access Z reports from your mobile device and monitor daily performance. In addition, by selecting a certain day or time, you can view the number of checks opened during those hours and the income. Thus, you can increase your income by planning density.

Integration with All Systems

Easily integrate SimpraPOS system with cash register ePOS system, hand terminals and other systems. You can easily integrate with Marketplace to all the platforms you need, such as Guesty, Logo and Netsis.

User Story

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Enhanced ePOS System for Bar and Nightclub

Simpra ePOS keeps the party going by helping you speed up your service and send orders to the bar instantly!