Manage Your Bakery & Patisserie Flawlessly with SimpraPOS

Let your job be to spread happiness to your customers with delicious desserts. Our job is to ensure that the bakery runs perfectly!


Bakery Management with SimpraPOS

Easily perform order management and payment transactions in the practical interface of SimpraPOS while presenting the delicious cakes you have prepared to your guests.

Hasan Işık


We decided to work with Simpra because it has a strong team and corporate structure.

Koray Hatem

YADA Sushi

I can instantly see how my business is in that day's turnover with Simpra. This is a great convenience.

Emrah Sati

Urban Bread

We have not encountered another POS system as detailed and useful as Simpra.

Loyal Customers

Make your customers who love the patisserie, come more often by offering campaigns with the loyalty program. With Simpra Loyalty, you can increase your income while acquiring loyal customers.

Detailed Reports

More popular tastes in the patisserie, employee reports and all other analytical metrics are always in your pocket with Simpra Insight. Detailed reports that allow you to make moves to grow your business are always there for you.

Integration with All Systems

Integrate SimpraPOS system with cash register ePOS system, hand terminals and other systems. You can easily integrate with many platforms such as Deliverect, Logo and Netsis via Marketplace.


You Don’t Need Expensive Softwares with Simpra

Customize Simpra according to your needs, don’t spend extra money on any module you don’t need. Set up the ePOS system in 15 minutes and start selling right away!


“Is Your Cakes Fresh?”

In the bakery business, there are many variables to keep cakes fresh such as fresh ingredients and when the cake is made. Thanks to Simpra Inventory, you can always keep your stocks up to date and manage your supply perfectly!

Add Allergen Information, Increase Your Service Quality

Add allergen information to the products in the menu item and forward this information to SimpraPOS. Thus, you both protect the health of your customers and increase your service quality with the allergen information in the menu items of the ePOS system.

User Stories

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

Simpra ile birlikte iş akışlarımızı doğru bir şekilde kurguladık. Özellikle, cep telefonlarımızdan raporlar almak, bizim için büyük bir kolaylık.

Erman Eroğlu



Increase your service quality with integrations you can reach in the marketplace!

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