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Flexible ePOS System for Hotel Restaurants

Simpra enables you to easily handle ordering and payment processes in the hotel restaurant, while offering flawless features that make your operations practical!

Stock and Cost Management

Use Simpra Inventory for efficient stock supply management. By integrating the stock program with your ePOS system, you can automatically deduct the relevant raw materials from the stock as the product is sold.

Advanced Reports

Make the necessary improvements by getting instant reports about the most profitable hours of the day, the most profitable product groups and much more with Simpra Insight.

Reservation Management

Match room numbers with reservations in F&B areas and manage your reservations perfectly with Check&Place’s integration with Opera, Suite8 and SimpraPMS.

All the integrations you need

Opera and Suite8 Integration

Match the room numbers with the orders in the F&B fields with the Opera and Suite8 integrations. Thus, you can receive a lump payment from your guests when they check out.

Integration with All Systems

Easily integrate with many platforms such as Guesty, Logo, Netsis and Portal Plus via Marketplace.

Cloud-based Restaurant Software

Check the performance of your business while saving time by managing restaurant and room service orders from the same panel.


Define authorizations in the use of the system by assigning authorizations to the bar, kitchen and service personnel.

User Friendly

Your new personnel can learn the ePOS system easily thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Table Display

Design and display the table layout of the hotel restaurant on the ePOS system.

Menu Groups

Personalize the menu in the hotel’s food and beverage areas by grouping the menu items in the ePOS system.

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