Perfect Process with a Single Payment Link

Accept payments for all reservations made to your hotel via e-mail or SMS. Use SimpraLink for all customer, agency and intermediary payments to your hotel.

Easy Payment

Send the link specially prepared for your business to your customers via e-mail or SMS, and easily receive payments.

Secure Payment

Receive your payments securely with the 3D Secure infrastructure offered by SimpraLink.

Payment Options

Offer your customers batch and installment payment options at the time of payment.

Foreign Currency

Offer your customers the option to pay in different currencies and receive their payments quickly.

Explore SimpraLink

SimpraLink is packed with unique features you might need. SimpraLink is designed for you to easily perform your transactions, and the payments flow in your business.

PMS Integrations

Get paid by making a reservation number query with the two-way Opera and Suite8 integrations offered by SimpraLink.

Language options

Serve your customers in their own language with the e-mails and SMS which can be prepared in different languages.

Bank Referral

SimpraLink redirects to the bank’s virtual POS according to the card information of the paying customer. Thus, customers can benefit from the installment options offered by the bank.

Business-Specific Page

Receive your payments and perform all payment processes securely on a page specially prepared for your business.

Where Can You Use SimpraLink?

You can receive payment from hotel customers or agencies with a single link in all processes.

Reservation Payment

Thanks to the PMS integration, you can receive the payments of your individual or corporate customers via a single link by querying the reservation code.

Banquet Payment

Collect event and banquet payments via SimpraLink. Thus, you can easily perform event sales.

Additional Service Payment

Safely accept payments for all additional services such as SPA and wellness services belonging to your business.

Current Account Payment

Receive current account payments of all the businesses you work with with SimpraLink.

How SimpraLink Works


Link is sent

A link to pay will be sent to your individual or corporate customer’s mobile phone or e-mail address.


Saved to PMS

If you are using one of the Opera or Suite8 systems, the payments received are displayed through these systems and matched with the reservation.